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Tir version 0.9.3-3 is available for download (MD5 cd21b247adee9a39e3081d8a974b6146).

What Is Tir?

Tir is a simple Lua+Mongrel2 web framework that implements most of the features you need, and avoids the ones you're going to replace anyway, like ORM. It supports extensible templates; coroutine, handler, or callback state management, and is only 1300 lines of clean simple Lua code.

Tir applications take the model of a process per page making it easy to carve your application up across multiple servers and scale only the pieces that need it. If one part is sucking, just replace that part.

You can take a look at the features, download the latest and get started right now.

Stylish State
Stylish State

Use the state management paradigm that fits the problem, not the framework inventor's business model.

Simple Design
Simple Design

With only 1300 lines of code, you can understand all of Tir in an hour if you already know Lua.

Unique color vaiations
Pragmatic Polyglot

Easily swap out parts of your Tir app with another language when Tir isn't working for you. No more polishing huge turds.

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Are you looking for Help with Tir?

There's a few ways you can get help with Tir. We've got a mailing list at that you can join. You can also come talk to us on IRC at #mongrel2 on

There's also documentation you can read and some example projects in the downloads.

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Are you looking for The source code?

You can checkout the git repository at or get the latest tar.gz.

You'll want the develop branch for the latest development work. We can't guarantee that it'll work though.

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